Curiosity is a wonderful thing!

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

Albert Einstein

Come and join us in exploring new paths. Blondie is learning new things in a new paradigm.

She also taught me many new things. Procedures that worked well with my other horses, do not work for Blondie. She shows that by walking away, getting tense, hesitating, or cribbing.

So I need to think about other approaches, change the environment, objects, my own movements etc. I need to get creative to find the easiest next step.

Leaning occurs very fast with a good training plan.

If the learning progress is not fast, change something. Don’t insist on something that doesn’t work.

That change doesn’t need to be big. Often it is a small change that facilitates learning.

Are you curious about what type of environmental changes I am talking about?

It could be the choice of training location or the way I present the target or what kind of object I use for the interaction or how I approach her.

It is easier to understand watching a training video.

Watch to our “not-so-pretty” beginnings and follow how we resolve these issues systematically. These videos are shorter clips that summarise our progression, not detailed “How-to” videos.

The advantage of this presentation is to be able to follow an authentic, chronological training progression.

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